Explore Melbourne, with a Theatrical or Educational Walking Tour!

Note, the FREE TWISTED TALES CRIME TOUR, is now closed as a free tour, and is no longer running on any timetable.

How does it work? Simply show up at our meeting point, at the Tianjin Gardens, (next to the black lions. This is a concrete area, with a Chinese pagoda and a pond) and look for the guide in the red coat!

We are independent and rely entirely on your tips, for this tour to 'pay what you thought it was worth', at the end, though this is not compulsory and the tour can be totally free if you wish.
Click the Link below, (Twisted Tales Crime Tour) for more information about this tour, including testimonials and endorsements! This is now our one and only free tour. It has been running for about one year, and we are very proud of it! People learn a lot of amazing info and even if you live in Melbourne you may be very surprised about some of the things which have happened here in the past.


A Walking Tour is a great way to explore any city!

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