A Tour of Melbourne Historical Crime, with Dr Charles, of Youtuber fame!

Theatrical Melbourne Ghost Tour

"We are confident that we are Melbourne's best!"

WHERE: Tianjin Gardens.

WHEN: This is up to you! We run for bookings for groups of two or more only. Price, $50 per person, groups of 4 or over, $40 pp; larger groups of 7+, $20 pp.
Guess what? Our city is haunted... really haunted! It is quite sad considering that so many unfortunate Melbourne people turned into ghosts, and are now stuck here, their chill presence felt on our otherwise innocent Melbourne streets. On this tour we find out about several of these characters. This tour has been both well attended and received with great acclaim, often a standing ovation afterwards.

Tours are theatrical, told in an appropriate creepy voice, with the guide in costume, enthusiastically recounting historical details and present haunting, and carrying electric lantern. The narrator himself is dressed as a 'ghost', who died in the city in 1851, explaining his current costume. He will tell you the tale of his grizzly demise, and why he haunts the city to this day, among tales he has heard from other ghosts! WARNING: The stories recounted have their grizzly, not to mention weird and chill moments, which may send a shiver down your spine!

.... Good evening, my name is Bartholemew Roberts. I have walked the streets of Melbourne for 120 years, unable to return home. My last recollection before this, was an apparent accident, which I will tell you about.

It takes a week of intense meditation for me to adopt a human appearance for two hours. I now use this time to tell to all who will listen, about my friends and colleagues, whose passage to the other side, was... sadly interrupted. There are others who are like me, but who cannot be seen the strong light of the sun. Will you accompany me, this way? Perhaps... we will meet one...

What you get:

A personal, professional and entertaining tour. We will walk past some eclectic scenery, in particular, world-class examples of architecture:


If the above has aroused your curiosity and you are after something truly unique for your special event, then do not hesitate to secure booking! Payable on the night with cash or PayPal, or transfer (may be arranged via email, facebook, etc)

ph: 0450344840 OR 'Charles' at info@m3tours.com.au

OR, book on Facebook!

Meet here!

This tour is bookable now for YOUR group for an arranged evening (or daytime) time, The tour lasts about 1.5 hours. For a group of 4 or more, discounted to $40 per person. We do a special more generous discount for large groups. Please phone and let us know your requirements!

It is not only one of Melbourne's best ghost tours, with unique stories not told elsewhere, but it is also great value for money, relative to the other tours.

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