Explore Melbourne, with a Theatrical or Educational Walking Tour!

Have you ever walked past a city building and thought,

"That's a fine building... I wonder what went on in there?"

Here is your chance to find out! Melbourne has a unique history, with many heritage buildings.

We at Red Coat Tours think we run the BEST Free Walking Tours in Melbourne, and in fact, free walking tours are often superior to paid tours! We also run a great theatrical ghost tour once weekly.

We run gratuity-based as well as bookable tours! Always innovative, in 2015, we pioneered Melbourne's (Australia's?) first ever gratuity-based ghost tour, (now a bookable tour). All tours are by a native English speaker and historical enthusiast!

Why choose a Red Coat Tour?
Our tours are not only better value but also possibly (we think!) superior to other tour experiences. The gratuity model encourages guides to do the best they possibly can.

ph: 0450344840


For one of the three, FREE tours, simply show up on the day. These are 'pay-what-you-thought-it-was-worth,' though that is optional.

A famous traveller...

...called Mark Twain, wrote something interesting and wonderful about Australian history:

Australian history is almost always picturesque; indeed, it is so curious and strange, that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer, and so it pushes the other novelties into second and third place. It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful of lies. And all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones. It is full of surprises, and adventures, and incongruities, and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All tours are operated by M3 Tours Pty. Limited, ABN 70610882203.
  2. Tours will take place rain, hail or shine. You comprehend the risks associated, without limitation, such as bad weather, accidents as arising out of automobiles, including death, pedestrians and the like, and accept responsibility. The operator disclaims any liability for loss or damage to any customer or third party, whether to person or property, arising out of any tour carried out.
  3. M3 Tours Pty. Limited, reserves the right to revoke, without refund, service to any customer suspected of carrying out any fraudulent transaction, or malicious abuse of the online booking system.
  4. REFUND POLICY: Cancelations are non-refundable unless cancelled more than 4 hours prior to the starting time of the corresponding booked event.
  5. You grant the tour operator the irrevocable right to use your photograph, if taken, for promotional material, for example on facebook, for all commercial or non-commercial purposes, with no obligation or compensation to you.
  6. Departures are five to ten minutes after the assembly times, but it is the customer's responsibility to be at the meeting place ahead of time. No responsibility will be accepted for customers who miss out due to being late or waiting at the wrong location.
  7. The tour operator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Your participation on the tours shall constitute your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions on this website.

Thank you.

Red Coat Tours Mission Statement

“To provide and continue to develop a fantastic and fun tour experience, relating historical information and stories not found found on other tours, told in an entertaining manner. The tours aim to entertain, inspire, educate, and transform people's understanding of our city, as well as make people shudder a little, as they recall the weird and strange details.”

I am an ex history student with a PhD in Robin Hood. Born and bred in Melbourne, I founded Red Coat Tours, around the idea of providing a mixture of entertainment as well as a vivid feel for the location and its history, with some fun anecdotes, possibly unmatched or at least unmentioned by other tours.


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