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Creepy Melbourne Crimes

Did You know...?

• `Squizzy' Taylor was one of Melbourne's greatest stand-over figures and operator of Sly Grog shops during our `six o clock swill' era. (From 1918 until 1966, our own prohibition movement forced pub closures after 6pm). He would dress like a schoolboy or even a woman to evade the law. While on the run he acted in a lost-movie called `Bound to Win', starring himself as a jockey evading crooked characters to win the Eclipse Steeplechase. Banned in Victoria, it featured elsewhere to large crowds. We visit the site of a robbery possibly organised by Squizzy and learn about his extraordinary life and undoing.

The Great Bookie Robbery was an extraordinary affair which took place on Queen St on 21 April, 1976. It was followed up by a bizarre event, a courthouse assassination of `Chuck' Bennet in 1978, who was possibly the mastermind. Guess what... the assassin could be still at large, and the money has never been recovered! Hear about this story on our Crime Tour!

Was Jack the Ripper Executed in Melbourne? Fred Deeming, a Melbourne Gas fitter was interrogated by Scotland Yard but released, suspected of the Ripper killings of Whitechapel. At his trial in Melbourne for the murder of his wife, he suggested he contracted syphilis in Whitechapel. Before his execution he told his hangman that he committed one of the ripper murders! We walk over approximately where he was buried, on our crime tour.

Our State Parliament, formerly Federal Parliament (We were Australia's capital for 25 years, between 1901 and 1926!) has a dastardly secret. Gun slits were erected after a threatening protest in the early part of the century. Their use...? Firing warning shots, tear gas? Possibly never used! Little known but sinister!

The earliest executions in the brand-new Town of Melbourne occurred around 1841. Melbourne was only six years old! Due to the absence of much else in the way of 'entertainment', the whole town consisting of thousands of people showed up to make a picnic out of it! We investigate the hanging hill near Franklin St where it all went down!

Creepy Melbourne!

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