A Tour of Melbourne Historical Crime, with Dr Charles, of Youtuber fame!

Creepy Melbourne Ghosts

Did You know...?

The Gun Alley Murder rocked Melbourne in the 1920s, as it resulted in the murder of schoolgirl Alma Tirschke. After much `investigation', by two possibly-crooked detectives, Colin Campbell Ross, always protesting his innocence, was executed gruesomely. For the next ninety years, Colin's family, psychics, and others were never satisfied with the verdict. Thanks to the efforts of author Kevin Morgan, Colin was extraordinarily `pardoned' in 2008. We visit the location of this horrifically tragic event on our Ghost Tour.

The Old Treasury on Spring St, was designed by a nineteen year old architect! It is now one of the most haunted buildings in Melbourne! A former curator mentioned that elevators would open for her, but the resident ghost simply hates men, chasing them out of the building! We have identified a story which we link to the ghost! Hear about it on our ghost tour!

A. Markovich was a Prussian living on Flinders Lane in the mid 19th century. Unemployed and depressed that his Australian wife was seeing other men to make ends meet, he took his own life, but not before he composed a letter to his wife, in which he hoped he would become a ghost, and haunt her forever! We at Red Coat have done our research and have linked his story to a strange `cold patch' in a laneway near to where their residence was... where perhaps he still lingers.

Creepy Melbourne!

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