Explore Melbourne, with a Theatrical or Educational Walking Tour!

Fequently Asked Questions

Q: It's raining!

Tours proceed rain, hail or shine! Melbourne has 'four seasons in one day,' and weather can change quickly as a downpour turns to sunshine!

Q: Do I need to book?

No bookings for the tours marked as FREE, simply turn up!

Q: What payment do guides receive?

For the free tours, guides receieve no other compensation, other than tips from happy customers, on a 'pay what it was worth' basis!

Q: How long are the tours?

The tours are timed to go for about one and a half hours. The ghost tour may be a little longer, between one and a half and two hours.

Q: I want a special tour just for my group?

Please contact to arrange this, preferably by email. Let us know your requirements!

Q: When do tours depart?

Please be at the correct location on the hour, and make your presence known to the guide, for a 'five minutes past the hour' start =)

Q: How will I recognise the tour guide?

They will be wearing a RED COAT and sometimes carrying a folder as well!

Tour Guide

Q: Will I see a ghost on the Grizzly Ghost Tour?

This is possible! Take plenty of photos!

Q: Which tour has the craziest, weirdest stories?

Each tour features tales of the bizarre, but the ghost tour is possibly the strangest.


This is a great way to learn about some of Melbourne's quirky history, while also exploring some of its wonderful architecture. It will be interesting both for visitors to Melbourne and locals.

— Fiona Anderson, Weekend Notes.

Experience the spooky side of Melbourne.

—The Weekly Review.

We went on the TWISTED TALES WALKING TOUR today. Really excellent, and learned about those hidden corners and secrets of Melbourne. The Tour is conducted by very knowledgeable guide Charles every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

—We Love Melbourne.

... great way to spend a few hours

—Facebook review.

After the tour...

"That you, I thoroughly enjoyed that!"

"Thank you for being not just a great guide, but a great host as well!"

"Thanks that was really good, we really enjoyed that!" (This one is quite common!)

"Amazing Guide!"

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