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For your group...

We have worked with educational institutions to design special tours. We can tailor special fully-customizable tours for your group, or family, which take place in the Melbourne CBD. Simply let us know your requirements with as much information as possible. For a special group booking, we cannot offer a 'for-tips' tour. Instead, we have very reasonable rates, negotiated beforehand, and based upon numbers attending. Our tours are information-packed five-star experiences!

Here are some suggestions!

The Big Bad Crime Tour

You asked for it! The biggest, the baddest, the worst! All different stories to the 'Twisted Tales Crime Tour' which is our most established.

On the tour...
The 'Plain English, Welcome to Melbourne Tour'

Meeting up in front of the Visitor Center, Federation Square, we look at the fanciest parts of the city, hidden arcades, finishing up close to our meeting point. Perfect for international students, and spoken in a measured voice! There are alternate starting points as well and bear in mind the time length is fully customizable.

This is an excellent tour for English schools. Information about the sites will be provided in advance for assessment tasks if required, for no additional charge, for which we can have a crime/storytelling emphasis.

We will show students the best buildings in Melbourne, tell them about opening hours etc, or the tour can be tailored towards history or crime as well.

The Business Lunchtime Walk

A very special tour, motivational, and tailored for increasing output by inspiring. This is a tour of the streets of Melbourne's CBD, talking about Melbourne's great businessmen, buildings they constructed, with specific and entertaining information on the ways in which they overcame adversity. A great motivational tool and teambuilding exercise in one, for your business!

Did you know our city has both a New York End as well as a Paris end? Check it out here on this 1.5 hour tour, incorporating our two best shopping arcades!

The New York End of Melbourne Tour

The Paris End of Melbourne Tour

The Twisted Tales Crime Tour

Any of our other tours, as listed here, with your own specifications! Tell us what you need, preferably by email.

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